Long distance chauffeur service

Chauffeur service between cities door to door long distance, save time and gain in comfort and luxury.


This service allows you to travel up to 7 passengers with our Mercedes V Class.

For up to 3 passengers, our E Class

And our top of the range, luxury and comfort for 2 people, our Mercedes S Class.

Benefits of hiring a long distance chauffeur service

This service allows you to save time and gain in comfort and luxury.

Have you ever thought about the time we spend going to the airport train station and then the waits, and maybe the delays? Try our premium inter-city service.

1. Save time in going to the airport, train station or bus station.

2. Your driver will pick you up at your home at the exact time you need.

3. Exact arrival time without delays.

4. Maximum convenience and comfort.

5. Possibility of up to 7 passengers and 5 suitcases.

6. Wide leather armchairs, travel better than in business class.

7.You will be able to make as many stops as you need.

8. Tolls included.

9. Complimentary bottles of water.


Our chauffeur service takes you to the following cities

Madrid – Toledo

Madrid – Salamanca

Madrid – Guadalajara

Madrid – Zaragoza

Madrid – Valladolid

Madrid – Valencia

*For other routes, please consult us.


+240 satisfied customers this year with the long-distance shuttle service

“This is the second time I have used this service. As soon as I landed in Madrid Barajas, the driver was waiting for me, helped me with my luggage, and took me in less than 2 hours to my home in Salamanca. Fast, comfortable and after a long flight it is perfect for not having to wait for any bus, train, etc. schedule. Thanks to Enrique the driver.

Google Reviews

Ana Maria Suarez

“We are a family of 5 people and we decided to book a V Class for a trip from Madrid to Valencia. Everything was perfect, no waiting at airports, train, parking, etc, and being 5 people, the price is really lower in total and much more comfortable. In only 3 hours and 15min, we arrived at the hotel in Valencia. Undoubtedly a great option when traveling in Spain”.

Google Reviews

Manuel Enriquez


Frequently Asked Questions – Long Distance Service

How many people and luggage can we take on a long distance trip?

Our company has 3 different models of vehicles, our V Class, can transport a maximum of 7 people and 7 suitcases, our sedan E Class, and S Class, a maximum of 3 people and 3 large suitcases.

How many stops can we make on a long distance trip?

For a trip of more than 2 hours, the driver will stop for 10 minutes to rest, for a trip of more than 3 hours you may choose to stop and have lunch or dinner on the way if you wish.

If you need to make another stop, just let the driver know and he will be happy to do so.

Are tolls included in long distance trips?

Yes, on long distance trips, all tolls are included. The driver will always take you on the shortest route to your destination, even if this includes toll roads.

Is it possible to eat in the vehicle during the trip?

No, our vehicles are completely clean and new, so eating on board is not allowed. All our vehicles include complimentary bottles of water.